BMW Navigator VI


BMW Navigator VI


From March 2017 on wards, the Navigator VI will join the existing Navigator V in helping you get where you need to go and enjoy the ride there. The new system retains the same external dimensions as before while the 5” display benefits from enhanced readability in strong and direct sunlight thanks to the inclusion of a circular polarisation filter.

The new Navigator VI also includes a ‘Winding roads’ route option to help avoid built-up areas and enjoy a wider variety of riding. To complement the existing ‘Avoid motorways’ function, the Navigator VI has the ability to compute routes to avoid main roads, making it easier to choose the best biking roads.

Other Features Include:

Doubling of internal storage capacity from 8 GB to 16 GB.

"Round Trip" feature configures trips based on time and distance, offering another way to create an individual riding experience.

Real time traffic and weather reports via optional Garmin Smartphone Link App.

"Music Streaming" via Bluetooth, allowing for smartphone music playback.

Action camera integration.

Optional car installation kit.

For more information on the BMW Navigator V1, please contact a member of staff on 01483 207000 today.